Se incluye otra oferta de ayuda del Connecticut Conference of  Independent Colleges (CCIC).  La misma también es válida por un (1) semestre (segundo semestre 2017-2018) y es la siguiente:

 Connecticut College

Connecticut College has established a guest student program for up to 6 college students from Puerto Rico whose education was disrupted after Hurricane Maria. Students from any accredited institution in Puerto Rico are invited to apply to Connecticut College for the spring 2018 semester. Through this new program, Connecticut College will provide room, board and tuition, as needed, for up to six students. The guest students will pay what they would have paid to their home institution.  More Info: 


 Wesleyan University  

Wesleyan University is offering students enrolled at the University of Puerto Rico a free semester of study.  Students in this program will pay their normal tuition to their home institution, and will receive free tuition for the Spring 2018 semester at Wesleyan.  Room and board will be provided by Wesleyan University for the Spring 2018 semester at no cost to students enrolled in a full-time course load. 


 Trinity College

Trinity College is offering five  students from UPR to attend Trinity in the Spring 2018 semester with full  tuition, room and board. These students will not be charged for anything including health insurance. Trinity College has contacts on the island for assistance with identifying students. 

Angel B. Perez, Vice President, Enrollment and Student Success,

(860) 297-2175,  


 University of Saint Joseph

University of Saint Joseph welcomes any evacuated students from universities in Puerto Rico free use of their on-campus library and computer facilities through the spring semester to complete online courses at their home university in Puerto Rico.

Contact: Diana Sousa,